The new chair collection designed by Enzo Berti, Paro, is conceived from the start as a design bet based on the essentiality of a few constructive elements designed to accomplish maximum simplification from the point of view of production and assembly. The aesthetic result is the consequence. In fact, there are three elements that make up Paro, jointed through just two welding’s: the intertwining of two metal tubulars, one as structural support and the other that becomes an armrest and support for the third element: the sinuous curved wooden shell. The result is a structure that stands out for its extreme lightness, a clean and slim design for a chair that offers a comfortable and iconic T–shaped back. Paro is designed for public areas, but also for the home and office, and is easily stackable thanks to its light weight and reduced overall dimensions. Available in three different finishes for a cleverly customizable final effect: the shell is completely available in wood, padded on the back and the sitting or entirely padded in the front. Paddings are available in leather and fabric.